12 Abstract Sphere Graphics in Vector Format

12 Abstract Sphere Graphics in Vector Format
Illustrator AI | 13 MB

These 12 spheres are made in a variety of different abstract styles, resulting in detailed graphics that work perfectly as planets and stars, microscopic organisms, or high-tech illustrations in your artwork. They’re all 100% vector, so you can open them in Adobe Illustrator and scale them to any size, making them extremely versatile for use in all kinds of print and web based projects. These 12 abstract spheres all have a unique appearance. Some are made up of hundreds of tiny shapes that are perfectly arranged into a 3D sphere, others look almost furry with an array of irregular lines. There’s no specific use for these graphics, but there’s plenty of projects where they could be a real asset. Sci-fi posters, high-tech album covers or depictions of microscopic organisms and scientific elements are just some types of projects that could feature such artwork.


05.01.2021 | lis | 1385