25 Beach Day Lightroom Presets LUTs 7060257

25 Beach Day Lightroom Presets LUTs 7060257
XMP DNG CUBE | 90 mb

Have you been searching for the ideal beach Lightroom presets? Well, here they are! You can use these presets to add a fun, positive vibe to your beach photos. They're ideal for capturing a relaxing day at the beach, or for taking portraits that evoke feelings of paradise. In just a few clicks, you can completely change the look of your photos.
The Pink Sand presets are the most unique presets in this pack. They give beach a surreal pink look that will make your photos look like abstract art. If you want your beach photos to stand out, these are the presets for you! And if you're looking for the best Lightroom presets, SparkleStock has you covered. This pack has 25 presets that are organized by color scheme for easy editing. They feature skin tone protection so your swimsuit photos look amazing with natural skin tones. And they're also made with Lightroom profiles, so that you can get the perfect results by making the preset look lighter or stronger.

What You'll Get:
• 25 Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Presets
• 25 Skin Tone Protected Presets
• 25 LUTs
• 25 Skin Tone Protected LUTs


16.03.2022 | LOTOS | 109