29 Lightning Photoshop Brushes 6036785

29 Lightning Photoshop Brushes 6036785
ABR | 38 Mb

A set of extra ordinary 29 lightning brushes so that your designs can have an oomph factor you always wanted. Whether you are looking for a realistic lightning or magical one this set has it all! Enhance your photo or create a digital painting these brushes will serve you well.
These brushes are perfect for graphic designs, web designs, graphic printing, digital paintings, apparel, home decor, packaging multiple varieties of products, or adding a flair to your brand. The only limit is your imagination!
The set includes a variety of brushes to accommodate needs of little lightning streak to thunder storm.

Features of this set:
1.The brushes are high resolution and add noticeable details to the design.
2.You can use these brushes to paint digitally.
3.These brushes can also be used as stamp overlays.
4.You can play with colors while using this set to match your brand or project without losing quality.
You only need a very basic knowledge of Photoshop to use these brushes.


11.01.2013 | lis | 1166