9 Plastic Warp Poster Mockup 4430824

9 Plastic Warp Poster Mockup 4430824
PSD | 1.5 Gb

Plastic warp is a texture where you can make additional design textures such as posters and prints. This mockup can be utilized to add to your poster aesthetic. warp textures are usually used for futuristic designs, streets, rap, hip hop, hypebeast, etc. Get 9 texture mockups and use them on your design.

Files Included:
9 PSD (3024x4032 px) Plastic Mockup
9 PSD (3024x4032 px) Displace Texture
9 JPG (3024x4032 px) Plastic Texture
9 JPG (3024x4032 px) Poster Preview
9 Editable poster design


18.04.2022 | LOTOS | 54