AEScripts Local Diffusion v1.4.5 for After Effects (WiN)

AEScripts Local Diffusion v1.4.5 for After Effects (WiN)
After Effects 2023, 2022 | File size: 7.5 MB

Local Diffusion is a Stable Diffusion based image generator and interpolator running locally and native inside AE.

Versatile prompting
We have implemented a simple and effective prompting mechanism. Prompts are entered via mask names and can be weighted by the masks opacity.

Interpolate prompts
Keyframe the prompts weight to interpolate between objects and find interesting concepts.

Guide creation by source layer
The Source+Text mode allows you to specify a layer which guides the images creation. This way prompting and interpolation can be applied to your own footage.

Full control over generation exposed!
You get full control over the model used, the aspect ratio, guidance scale and the seed. This allows for fast iterations and experimentation.

Easy to use and performant
This is a native port into our ai framework and therefore easy to install and use. Local Diffusion makes use of some state-of-the-art performance optimizations and produces images fast!

Integrated Superresolution
We ship an integrated superresolution ai with the plugin. Up to 3072x3072 pixel output!

Negative prompts
Simply add a "-" in front of the text to use it as negative prompt.

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