31.01.2010 8037

Шаблоны визиток, 2 файла, формат EPS, архив 8,27MB
29.01.2010 4531

Шаблоны визиток, 26 шт., 2 файла, формат EPS, архив 18,19MB
29.01.2010 5107

Визитные карточки, 12 шт., 2 файла, формат EPS, архив 7,79MB

29.01.2010 5713

Визитные карточки, 26 шт., 2 файла
формат EPS, архив 7 MB

28.01.2010 19976

Красочные визитки для консультантов Mary Kay и Oriflame, 2 шт.
формат PSD, слои, разрешение 1054х579рх, архив 5,7MB

28.01.2010 8474

Шаблоны визиток, 125 шт., формат PSD, разрешение 1088x638рх, архив 82,5MB
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Business cards are used to exchange information between people and are an essential tool for marketing. One of the main principles of designing business cards is creating eye-catching and informative designs. Design should be easy and should match the overall style of the brand or organization.

Another important aspect of designing business cards is using appropriate fonts and colors. Fonts should be readable and appropriate for the topic of the card. Colors should be harmonious and not cause discomfort to the viewer. Additionally, ensuring that the information on the card is clear and concise is crucial. Text should be easily understandable and contain all necessary data, such as the name of the company, position, contact information. Lastly, designing business cards should be modern and current. Using new technologies and trends in design will help attract potential clients and increase brand recognition.