Confetti & Glitter Procreate Brushes 4523593

Confetti & Glitter Procreate Brushes 4523593
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A set of confetti Procreate brushes with glitter effect to bring festive and joyful vibes to your graphic design projects. It’s fascinating how little it takes to add holiday and festive vibes to your work if you have the right tolls by your hand! And I what can be better for the task than sparkling confetti brushes for Procreate as good for drawing lines, lettering, and adding small details, as for filling backgrounds, and large areas of your artworks with various confetti particles!

12 various brushes bring with all forms and shapes of confetti's and 4 options to choose from. Choose circles, stars, or rectangles brush and start drawing right away scaling them from the tiniest particles to the massive shapes. For your convenience, each type of confetti brushes comes in 4 options: one-color drawing brush, multi-color drawing brush.


22.03.2020 | gringrey | 2112