Свадебные наказы, 6 JPG, средний размер 19х29,5см, 300dpi, архив 47,7MB

Свадебные сертификаты, 2 JPG, 21х30см, 300dpi, архив 14,6MB

Шаблон для фотошопа - Благодарственное письмо от Путина
PSD, слои, 21х29,7см, 300dpi, архив 21,8 MB. Текст легко заменить

Свадебные сертификаты, 2 JPG, 21х29,7см, 300dpi, архив 16,1MB

Свадебные дипломы, 7шт., формат JPG и PNG, 21х29,7см, 300dpi, архив 48,2MB

Грамота, 21х29,7см, 300dpi, размер 4,5MB

Диплом, JPG, 21х30см, 300dpi, размер 6,2MB

Диплом, JPG, 21х30см, 300dpi, размер 4MB

Диплом, формат JPG, 21х30см, 300dpi, файл 5,6MB
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One of the main principles of designing diplomas and certificates is creating attractive and informative designs. Design should be easy to read and understand, and should match the overall style of the educational institution. Another important aspect of designing diplomas and certificates is using appropriate fonts and colors. Fonts should be readable and appropriate for the topic of the document. Colors should be harmonious and not cause discomfort to the viewer.

Additionally, ensuring that the information on the document is clear and concise is crucial. Text should be easily readable and contain all necessary data, such as the name of the educational institution, major, date of completion, and so on. Lastly, designing diplomas and certificates should be modern and current. Using new technologies and trends in design will help attract students and increase their interest in the educational institution.