16.06.2009 3815

Шаблон для фотомонтажа, PSD, слои, 12х12см, 300dpi, размер 11,5MB
03.06.2009 4842

Шаблон для оформления свадебного DVD диска, PSD, слои, 12х12см, 300dpi, размер 12,3MB
29.04.2009 4214

Обложка для DVD, формат PSD, слои, 3211х2186рх, архив 22,1MB
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Almost every modern person at home has a standard set of DVDs with personal videos - weddings, anniversaries of parents, children's parties, etc. Undoubtedly, these important records for the family deserve a beautiful frame - the original DVD cover. DVD cover templates help you beautifully design your personal video collection.