Elixir Watercolor Photoshop Brushes 6629355

Elixir Watercolor Photoshop Brushes 6629355
ABR PSD | 835 Mb

Become the favorite watercolor illustrator of your own by getting armed with the irreplaceable tool for making outstanding aquarelle drawings! No paint water cups and unexpected accident sprinkles of color the process is fully manageable, every action is reversible and the result is persistently delightsome. All imaginable liquid hues are encapsulated in one digital collection, serving as a true panacea for all artistic manifestations!
It's the kit, featuring everything for everyone: whether you're an aspiring art enthusiast or a skilled & experienced artist. The number of included tools blends10 Photoshop drawing strokeswith30 stamp brushesto masterly manipulate the actions. You'll be thrilled to observe accurately behaving watercolors on3 paper texture canvases, having different pressed paper textures: hot, cold and rough ones. The nature of a chosen paper together with the picked Photoshop brush yields various results that become visible in seconds. Have the colors tenderly mixed together, jaunty overlapping, forming new shades, or leave densely placed spots all over the composition. These are the same watercolor paints but digitalized and not inferior to the physical ones!

Whats inside?
10 Photoshop brushes for drawing;
30 Photoshop stamp brushes;
3 canvases with paper texture;
4500x3000 px, 300 dpi canvases;
help file.


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