Fast Grit Texture Brush Set

Fast Grit Texture Brush Set
ABR, 72.49 MB

Included in this set: 6 x Dirty Brushes | 6 x Dirty Detail Brushes for adding grungy accents | 6 x Grainy Brushes | 3 x Grain Builder Brushes for building custom paper grain textures | 3 x Speckle Brushes | 8 x Halftone Stamp Brushes | 7 x Toner Grit Brushes including bold accents and blemishes | 8 x Worn Texture Brushes with subtle and bold options. Key features include: SuperSize Included! Up to 5000 px resolution | Huge variety of textures, from light and subtle, to heavy and bold. | Create wear, tear, dirty blemishes or graininess in seconds. | Designed for point and click use. | No hard edges or obvious seams making it easy to repeat brushes without visible joins. | Plus, easy to follow instructions and guides including: | Comprehensive quick-start installation guide. | General tips and tricks. | A printable cheat sheet booklet with interactive guides and suggestions for each brush group.


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