Film Leaders Transitions

Film Leaders Transitions
WAV , MOV | Resolution : 4k & 1080p | File Size 1.1 GB

Works in AE, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve, Sony Vegas and more

4K Scan ProRes 422 HQ
Easily adjust color and contrast
A unique sound for each transition
Modular design for most accurate film look
No plugins required.
We scanned these textures from real 16mm in 4K resolution.
Create your own transitions or simply add more texture to your project with our Film Leaders Transitions
that immediately give your footage an unique look.
All assets in this package are 4K prores files, so you can adjust contrast and colors to match your film.
A unique sound for each transition.

Several test rolls and a lot of experiments have brought us to a point, simply drag and drop your
footage into your timeline and get THE LOOK with unique transition.
They are pre-keyed and based on simple drag and drop and blend modes.


26.10.2022 | gringrey | 555