27.08.2012 3579

Ресторанные меню #5 - Векторный клипарт
5 eps | 36.50 Mb rar

27.08.2012 3315

Ресторанные меню #3 - Векторный клипарт
5 eps | 14.40 Mb rar

27.08.2012 3104

Ресторанные меню #2 - Векторный клипарт
5 eps | 16.44 Mb rar

27.08.2012 4343

Векторный клипарт - Ресторанные меню
5 eps | 20.62 Mb rar

07.06.2012 2874

Stock: Menu Cover 12
5 eps files, jpg prew, 46,84 mb

05.06.2012 2224

Stock: Wine menu design / Дизайн карты вин
2 eps files, jpg prew, 25,40 mb

04.06.2012 4658

Stock: Template designs of menu and business card for sushi bar / Шаблоны меню и визиток для суши-бар
3 eps files, jpg prew, 10,67 mb

04.06.2012 4243

Stock: Vector menu for sushi and rolls / Векторное меню для суши и роллов
5 eps files, jpg prew, 13,85 mb

18.05.2012 3173

Japanese food menu card / Меню для японского ресторана
5 eps files, jpg prew, 83,9 mb

18.05.2012 6145

Card menu / Шаблоны меню для кафе или ресторана
EPS, 2 files, 16.06 Mb

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A menu is a document that represents information about dishes, drinks, and prices in a restaurant or cafe. It is one of the most important elements of restaurant business, as it helps visitors make choices and decide whether to visit the establishment. One of the main principles of menu design is creating eye-catching and informative designs. Design should be easy to understand and follow, and should match the overall style of the brand or organization.

Another important aspect of menu design is using appropriate fonts and colors. Fonts should be readable and appropriate for the topic of the menu. Colors should be harmonious and not cause discomfort to the viewer. Additionally, ensuring that the information on the menu is clear and concise is crucial. Text should be easily understandable and contain all necessary data, such as the name of the dish or drink, ingredients, preparation method, and price. Lastly, menu design should be modern and current.

Proper design will help stand out among other restaurants and cafes, and increase brand recognition. Create a menu for your restaurant, catering business, event or dinner party using one of our menu templates. Templates give you complete creative freedom, allowing you to add your own images, customize graphics, colors and lettering. The free menu templates have ready-made designs that can be filled out and printed quickly so you can focus on making delicious meals.