Hand Drawn - Project for After Effects (Videohive)

Hand Drawn - Project for After Effects (Videohive)
After Effects Version CS5 - CC 2015 | Resizable| 16 May 14 | No plugins | 60,83 MB
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Update! 45 animated elements have been added to get you creating your hand drawn project even faster! A bonus tutorial has been added as well!

Leave straight lines behind with Hand Drawn! With this project file, you can easily convert any image, animation or text (anything with an alpha channel) into a hand drawn element. With more controls than you can shake a stick at, it is easy to customize the look for your project. If you don’t feel like tinkering, don’t worry…the default settings make it simple to drag, drop, and render. Hand drawn doesn’t require any third party plugins, so once you download the project file you will be on your way to sketching out your ideas. The project file also comes with 8 paper textures, a custom scribble transition to erase images off the screen, and a quick start tutorial.
For those that want all the control possible, there are 27 parameters to manipulate. All the controls are found in one easy location. Some of the parameters include:
font color
stroke color
stroke width
stoke smudge
stoke roughness
fill color
fill stroke width
fill stroke spacing
faux 3d offset
frame rate
overall displacement
wiggle scale, position, and rotation amount
plus more!

45 elements to get you creating fast. The native compositions are included so you can make changes easliy.

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