24.12.2009 1960

10 Bridal Bouquet Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets 1780525
Lrtemplate XMP DNG | 9 mb

23.12.2009 2627

Polaroid Lightroom Presets
XMP DNG | 1 mb

16.12.2009 2174

10 Girl Lifestyle Mobile & Lightroom Presets
Lrtemplate XMP DNG | 16 mb

13.12.2009 2276

10 Pro Juicy Desktop And Mobile Lightroom Presets 1319968
Lrtemplate XMP DNG | 15 mb

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Lightroom presets are a set of settings that apply to a photo in one click. They allow you to quickly and easily edit photos, while maintaining the original quality of the image. The preset can include various settings, such as exposure, contrast, saturation, toning, and more.

Important aspect of using Lightroom presets is choosing the right preset for a specific photo. For example, if the photo has bright lighting, you can choose a preset that reduces brightness and increases contrast. If the photo has low contrast, you can choose a preset that increases contrast and reduces saturation.