14.03.2017 1475

Realistic mobile phone presentation
Формат: PSD, 2800x2100px, размер архива: 21.96 MB

02.06.2016 1549

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp / Фотореалистичный макет журнала
Формат: PSD, 2300×1650px, Minimum Photoshop Version: CS4
размер архива: 4.24 MB

02.06.2016 1381

Travel magazine mockup / Макет журнала - Путешествия
Формат: PSD, размер архива: 89.96 MB

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Mockups are ready-made graphic templates of various objects that are used to demonstrate the appearance of a future product. For example, a designer can download a pizza box mock-up, put his design on it and show it to the client. The client will see what their pizza box will look like, and the designer won't have to render it from scratch. Ready-made mockups are as flexible as plasticine. You can use a ready-made template, edit it to suit your needs, and save time for creativity.