Grey Tones Photoshop Actions 26207628
ATN | 9.21 MB

Sharpen Cartoon Oil Paint 23101024
ATN | 39 KB

Vectorial 02 Photoshop Action 25807759
ATN | ABR | PAT | 1.92 MB

Vectorize Action 26273248
ATN | 5.99 MB

Smooth Skin Tone - Photoshop Action - 26544072
ATN | 84.12 KB

50 Premium Photoshop Actions 26605057
Photoshop ATN | 121 KB

Ink Splatter Photo Effect 8DJJRF4
PSD | 7 MB

Poster Art Square And Poster Effect AVDTA39
PSD | 10 MB

Futuristic Cyberpunk Ps Action 42171152
ATN | 10 Color Option | 39 KB

Horror Time Photoshop Action 6025098
ATN | 5.54 KB

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A Photoshop action is a set of instructions or commands that can be applied to a single image or multiple images simultaneously. These actions are specifically designed to meet the needs of photographers and designers who want to edit and enhance images quickly and efficiently. Photoshop actions are typically used to perform tasks such as resizing, cropping, and adjusting color balance.

Whether you're a professional photographer or a beginner, Photoshop actions help you get things done faster. By using them, you can save hours and get your job done in a few clicks. You might use these to quickly retouch pictures, apply makeup, fix red eye, add various effects, tweak colors, employ visual filters, fix tone, and much more with only a click.